I’m going to tell you about some major keys that (at least, from what I can tell) are still unknown by many Pardot users. Pardot has some powerful core functionality, but these Zapier integrations will take your instance to the next level! But first, a few notes:

#1: I have personally used some of these, but not all, and every Pardot instance is different in terms of automation rules, etc — I highly recommend asking the folks at Zapier any questions you have about your specific circumstances as well as testing this before purchasing anything and/or implementing in your instance (they do have a free trial!).

#2: You can use filters within Zapier to define criteria if you only want certain types of prospects to trigger the actions below. Don’t forget that Pardot Campaigns or the Lead Source field can be used to identify if a prospect came from a specific form or other marketing activity!

Alright, here we go!


1. Pardot + Slack

There are too many triggers and actions available within this integration for me to even be able to screenshot it all at once — my favorite: if you are looking to create custom notification templates in Pardot, you can create them and send them to a Pardot Leads Slackchannel at your org!



2. Facebook Lead Ads + Pardot

While some marketing automation platforms integrate with Facebook Lead Ads, this integration takes it to the next level — you can even add each new prospect with certain criteria to a custom audience, and more!



3. LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms + Pardot

Using this Zap, you can connect LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms and Pardot.



4. Pardot + Webhooks

If your developers use webhooks to post data, they’ll love this integration.



5. Pardot + Gravity Forms

If you’re using Gravity Forms on your WordPress website and do not want to use Pardot Form Handlers, here is an alternative!



6. Pardot + Formstack

If you use Formstack and don’t want to use Pardot Form Handlers, this may be worth taking a look at.



7. Pardot + FullContact

FullContact is a service that can help you supplement your existing prospect data — with this Zap, you can keep FullContact in sync with Pardot.



If you are looking for more Pardot integrations, you can find Pardot’s native integrations here and the rest of the Zapier integrations here.


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